Pellet Technology

Let’s imagine a heating system which is as comfortable and reliable as the gas, but 30-40% cheaper. Do you think it is impossible? Please let we introduce you the pellet technology.

What is the pellet? The pellet is an extremely dried, small 6-8mm sized, pressed wood. Thanks to the dehydration, the heating value of the pellet is better than for the wood logs and you have to use less from the pellet. Originally the Scandinavian countries developed and started to use the wood pellets, but now days we can meet with the agir-pellets too, which are made from sunflower husk, rice husk, straw etc. There are big quantities from this type in Hungary.

If the pellet technology is appeal to you and you decided to step, you can do 2 things:

1. You can buy an automatic pellet boiler e.g: the ULMA boiler which is distributed by our company, with a pellet storage and enjoy the comfortable operation and the waning overhead. It is eating 2-3kg pellet/hour depending on the required energy. If you use a 750L storage next to this energy capacity during the hard winter time, you have to refill the storage about once in every 2 weeks, if the temperature need of the house is regular. The maintenance of the boiler is very easy, even at the time when you use it a lot. Only needs to clean it once in a month, which takes 20 minutes, but from spring to autumn you can almost forget it. This boiler can make the HUW and the hot water for the heating systems, as for the floor heating or radiator heating. If you have solar cells on your building and a lot of electric power, you can switch the boiler for electrical mode, because it has 3X2KW built-in heater.



2. The next option is that you buy a pellet burner and built up to your own boiler. If you interested in this solution, we recommend 2 type of burners. The Swedish ULMA – and the Polish PELLAS burners. The installation of these products are very simple, because you just have to cut a hole on the door of your boiler and put on the pellet burner. You have to connect the pellet storage and the burner with a fuel feeder and automatically operate the system. The great thing is in this option, that you can heat with pellet but with other fuels too if you want. The maintenance is the same like for the automatic pellet boiler. If you connect a thermostat to the controller panel of the burner, you can make the HUW and the heating systems too (floor heating, radiator heating). From the pellet burners we sell from 5 to 350KW.

With the pellet technology you can heat up bigger buildings too, as tennis courts, glasshouses, halls etc. It is almost incredible, but you can update the bakery ovens with the pellet burners.
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