Azonnali rezsicsökkenés
Napelem rendszerekkel és helyben tárolt energiával a folyamatosan változó energia áraknak nem lesz kiszolgáltatva.
smaller house
Smaller house
What you can operate:
Energy saver lights (less than 10 pcs)
Standbye equipements
washingmachine (once a week)
dishwasher (2 times/week)
1,5 KW
PV solar system
medium house
Medium house
What you can operate:
high efficiency lights (10-20 pcs)
Standbye equipements
Washingmachine (3-5 times/week)
Dishwasher (5 times/week)
Lower efficiency air condition
3 KW
PV solar system
big house
Big house
What you can operate:
Halogen lights (20+)
Plasma and smart TVs
Washingmachine (more than 5 times per week)
Dishwasher (more than 5 times per week)
Dryer machine (more than 5 times per week)
High efficiency air condition
Pool pump
5 KW
PV solar system
budget friendly solution
budget friendly
The Chinese innovative inverters are unbeatable according to price and value and gives solution for the effective power usage. Combined with batteries, the power can be stored locally and be able to use anytime.
You going to recieve amazing performance on reasonable price. This will improve a faster return on investment on the solar system.
This is a popular choicefor the residents and the industrial usage as well, as it’s trustworthy and it has a low cost maintenance.
solar heating
hot water production
The solar water heaing systems are the best to produce the hot water demand. Both the flat and the vacuum tube types can perform with 80-90% efficiency.
This solution is not only available for residental users! The solar water heating tanks can store industrial amount of hot water as well.
Solar heating for hot water production
The power of the sun can be utilized in different ways with the systems manufactured for this purose.
The electricity what is produced with solar panels can be used the best with inverters.
The heat producted by solar heating system can be used for hot water creation and building heating as well.
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