What is PV Solar?

You can use the solar cells to make electric power. There are 2 different type, the mono- and polycrystalline solar PV panels. The difference between the 2 systems is

in the manufacturing of the silicon, which is the base element of these products. The polycrystalline panel is used in the northern countries where the climate is colder and cloudier, in spite of the monocrystalline panels which are used in the hotter, tropical countries. In the Middle-European countries you can use both type, because the yield of the products are almost the same in this latitude.


How can you store the energy?

From the point of view of the power storage, there are 2 versions again. You can use a two way electronic meter and sell the unwanted electric power for the supplier company and take it back when you need. In the other hand you can use storage battery and keep the produced energy.

How to plan a PV solar system?

When you planning a solar cell system the orientation of the panels is the most important. The best is if you can put from SE to SW on your roof, so the sun can reach them all day. Another highlight is the type of the inverter which play the main role in the converting of the energy.

Each house or building get a unique system plan and size, which is satisfy the energetic criteria of the building.

What is VFS_7b59e50dfd2ccb3e0218818b8b483244 technology?

This is a fantastic and intelligent system which can show you the real efficiency of your panels. A beacon is connected to each panles which sends the informations to the inverter and you can read it on PC or mobile with a special app. You can see the actual power output, but also can check the previous results from the last week, months or year. In case of any damage, you can detect the point of the problem guickyl and easily. If 1 panel is out of work, do not worry. Everything goes on the way as before and you only needs to fix that one where the problem occured. This monitoring system can be useful for anybody, but it is indispensable if you have a 10-20 KW or bigger system. Comfortable, reliable and modern.



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