Heat pipe solars

There are 2 main type of solar heating systems, the heat pipe and the flat plate.

Personally we prefer the heat pipe systems and we are going to tell you why.

You can use these panels with 30-90 degree inclination angle and they heat until -25C degree. The panels work in foggy, cloudy weather too if they feel some sunrays, their power can be 1,1KW/h in 1m2 . If 1-2 pipe disabled, you can change them easily without stop the operation of the system.

napkollektorHow the guess out the size of the system?

Let’s see some simple counting, to know how many panels will you need to heat your house:

1m2 size heat pipe panel enough to heat up 5m2 in the building. So, a 1 floor, 150m2 house needs, 150/5=30m2 solar heating panel. This means 6 pieces of the FOTON 1800 type 30 pipe panel. Moreover the system needs e.g: 1 piece of 200L and 2 heat exchanging water heat + 1 piece of 500L buffer storage.

In here we would like to tell some words about the storages. There are many producer who makes well isolated storages, but the important is the inside of the silo. There are silos with 1 or 2 heat exchanger and other ones with a smaller silo inside the bigger. We recommend to use silos which consist 2 heat exchanger, so we can modulate the amount of the heating energy.


The heating panel siting needs to be from SE to SW. It means that you have to choose that part of the roof which is touched by the sun from 8am to 5pm.

Attention: Possibly the panels needs to be under the sun all day, not just from 2pm, because it will not be enough time to heat up the silo. (We know a system where they did not considered the timing and finally demolished it)


There are 2 type of system, the Drain Back returning and the under pressure.

The important difference between the 2, that the Drain Back system do not require freezing-mixture, because under power-cut or at night, all water goes back to a silo, which located under the slab, so the water’s temperature is fall in with the room’s temperature. This is especially important in winter time, because the water will be warm when the system start to operate in the morning.

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