We are installing our PV solar systems for 450 Ft+Tax/watt. In the price included:

  •     personal survay at the place of the installation
  •     measuring and planing of the ideal PV solar system
  •     good quality PV solar panels (mostly German or Japan products)
  •     SolarEdge inverter and monitoring system
  •     installation and transportation
  •     registration to the SolarEdge homepage where you can follow the output of your system
  •     After the installation our company willing to check your system by SolarEdge in the next 1 year     and inform you in case of any problem
  •     12 years of manufacturing warranty for the inverter and monitoring system
  •     paper work with the electric company (ELMŰ, Émász, E-on)

The price do not consist:

- installation of measuring station if you do not have or not match the standards

- phase expansion fee for the electric company


*Our prices can change in accordance with the Euro rates